Warriors in Uniform

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For more than 250 years, Native Americans have served our nation’s military in places like Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Normandy, Iwo Jima, the 38th parallel in Korea, Saigon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These patriotic men and women have been on the front lines serving our country in numbers that outpace the percentages of any other ethnic group in America, continuing a proud warrior tradition passed down from generation to generation. Native Americans model extraordinary patriotism, sacrifice, bravery, and heroism in the face of the enemy, and often despite poverty and social injustice at home.

Many of these warriors went into battle and returned home without any recognition from their own country – only their tribes. They are the forgotten heroes in our country’s history. The Warriors in Uniform website and database provides students, teachers, and the American public with information about the critical role Native American service members played in our nation’s military, celebrating their contributions, courage, and patriotism.  Warriors in Uniform, these are their stories.

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